award medal graphic.
Official photo of Edward J. Wilkinson, M.D.
The coronavirus spike protein (shown in gray) as bound to host receptor A-C-E-2 (cyan). Mutations in omicron are shown in blue. Modeling suggests that the innate immune response protein L-L-R-C-1-5 (orange) interacts with sites mutated in omicron.
A visual representation of sigma 2 receptors.
Electronic microscope image of the novel coronavirus isolated from a patient. The virus is shown emerging from the surface of cells cultured in the laboratory.
Illustration of covid-19.
Leah Reznikov, P-h-d, and David Ostrov, P-h-d, are shown in Reznikov’s lab.
Health care workers prep a patient in the I-C-U.
Doctor Tyndall wears a facemask with Doctor Clare-Salzler