A grid of eight portraits of masked faces of all colors
A man stands before a group of students and speaks.
A woman and child stand outside their vehicle and pose for a photo while wearing face masks.
A health care worker fills out paperwork while a man sits next to her, both wearing face masks.
Cardiothoracic surgeons Doctors R-Duane Cook, Robert J-Richardson and Karen S-Thompson.
Surgical director doctor Tiago Machuca (left) and medical director doctor Andres Pelaez(right)congratulate a lung transplant patient (center) on his discharge.
A blue graphic that reads, "You are invited to attend the annual Celebration of Diversity Week April 5-10."
Graphic showing that U-F College of Medicine ranks number 15.
Students sitting on steps while physically distancing and wearing face masks.
methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, bacteria in a petri dish.