Exterior of the University of Florida Health Heart & Vascular Hospital, with a pond in the foreground.
Graphic with a dark background and stadium lights that reads, "Save the date, State of the College address 09-29-23 from 7-8 a-m.
ELEVATE logo with a blue graphic showing arrows pointing up.
Ten adults seated in rolling chairs and long wooden desks observing a projector presentation from a man standing in the center of a white room.
A group of over 25 people affiliated with UF Health in front of a historic two story brick building in Gainesville, Florida.
A round table covered in a green cloth with award certificates circling the edge and green and yellow cords on top of each paper.
Dozens of award plaques and medals line a long table covered in a blue cloth.
Two residents smile as they walk through a buffet lunch line.
A blue graphic with circular photos of health care providers and researchers reads, "AI4Health conference, April 20-22, 2023."
A digital graphic with photos of 10 faculty and staff members of the University of Florida College of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and orange and white text in the center against a blue background that says, "UF College of Medicine Psychiatry."