Shelley and Bill Collins pose for a photo with Rufus Holloway and his wife, Leslie.
University of Florida College of Medicine students and faculty celebrating the renovation of a student lounge with cupcakes, balloons and a plaque.
Alumni and their family wear Gators swag and pose for a photo.
Three people standing together in formal wear and smiling while two hold awards.
Juan Pablo Santana, Nicole Diaz and Hassan Perera pose dressed in scrubs at a University of Florida Family Medicine clinic.
Robert Eisinger and Leora Lieberman stand together on a terrace overlooking the Florida Gators football stadium.
Collage of alumni
Graduate students from the University of Florida College of Medicine posing for a group photo on an indoor staircase after winning awards and funding at the 2023 Medical Guild Research Symposium in the Harrell Medical Education Building. Members of the medical guild stand with them, smiling.
Four people stand in front of maple chairs engraved with their names and the University of Florida logo
An image of three men talking indoors