Two sisters cheering on the Florida Gators football team in the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.They are smiling and holding orange and blue shakers.
University of Florida 40 Gators Under 40 winners Devin Bustin, Jennifer Goetz and Avan Armaghani stand holding plaques.
Maryam Rahman performing brain surgery.
Doctor Lattisha Bilbrew, who has long, curly hair and is wearing a white physician's coat and a black blouse, smiling in front of a gray background and holding red magnifying glasses.
A digital graphic with pictures of five residents' faces and a blue square in the top center with white text that says, "thank you residents."
Michael Okun wearing a U-F Health white coat.
Graphic of a love letter with photos of the couples Margaret Ann Kreher and Jesse Cason and Jeff Dela Cruz and Alex Rodriguez.
Blue graphic that reads, "A-I 4 Health Improving Health Through Artificial Intelligence, April 22-24, 2024."
Portrait of Avis Chen Boulter
University of Florida College of Medicine students and faculty celebrating the renovation of a student lounge with cupcakes, balloons and a plaque.