Reza Forghani discusses images with Kevin Pierre, a clinical radiology fellow, in Forghani’s lab.
A blue digital graphic with white text at the top that says, "UF College of Medicine Department of Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics," and five pictures of department faculty along the bottom.
Doctor Azra Bihorac talks with her colleagues in a patient room.
A blue graphic with circular photos of health care providers and researchers reads, "AI4Health conference, April 20-22, 2023."
Eric Rosenthal stands at a lecturn, looking at the audience and speaking. His right arm is pointed toward the audience.
Jiang Bian stands at his computer inside his office and types, and a see-through blue fluorish of computer code covers the screenan
Computer wires highlighted with purple, pink and orange light.
photo of a computer screen with an animation under the heading 'introduction to artificial intelligence'
Doctor holding zebra-striped rare disease ribbon