Olga Guryanova, Azra Bihorac, Coleen Koch, Todd Brusko, Coralie de Hemptine, Barry Setlow and Michael Haller stand in a line and smile.
Two residents smile as they walk through a buffet lunch line.
collage of student and faculty leaders throughout the history of the University of Florida, with a blue overlay. Text in the corner says :U-F celebrats Black History Month."
two researchers in white coats talk to each other in focus in the background, with a bench full of out-of-focus lab equipment in the foreground
award medal graphic
Two surgeons perform an operation.
Two doctors in an office pointing at a computer screen
Doctor Azra Bihorac talks with her colleagues in a patient room.
A blue graphic with circular photos of health care providers and researchers reads, "AI4Health conference, April 20-22, 2023."