Match Day 2023: A day to remember

Fourth-year UF medical students learn residency matches during March 17 ceremony

By: Emily Mavrakis, Danielle Ivanov
Video by Kyle Walker
A sign that reads "Where did you match?" with a map of the United States. Yellow star stickers are placed at various locations to represent the cities where the medical students will go to for residency. A sticker-adorned map shows where UF class of 2023 medical students will attend residency programs.
Richi Artola stands with his partner holding a sign that reads "I matched! Internal medicine, Johns Hopkins Bayview." Richie Artola Photo by Danielle Ivanov

Richie Artola, internal medicine, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Taylor Rouviere holds a sign that reads "I matched in pediatrics at the University of Florida." Taylor Rouviere Photo by Emily Mavrakis

Taylor Rouviere, pediatrics, University of Florida

Esther Duqueney stands holding a sign that says "I matched! Internal medicine at University of Pennsylvania." Esther Duqueney Photo by Danielle Ivanov

Esther Duqueney, internal medicine, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Ethan Holland and Esther Blondeau-Lecomte Photo by Emily Mavrakis

Ethan Holland, psychiatry, and Esther Blondeau-Lecomte, internal medicine-pediatrics

,University of Tennessee Health Science Center-Memphis

By the numbers

  • 132 total matches

  • 31 matches at UF

  • 4 matches at UF Jacksonville

  • 15 matches at other programs in Florida

  • Top specialties: Internal medicine, pediatrics, anesthesiology, OB-GYN, radiology, general surgery

Welcoming new residents

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