A photo of two PA students in white coats smiling and holding colorful flower bouquets outdoors.
A digital graphic with a white background, a picture of two medical students smiling and wearing white coats, and blue text that says, "White Coat Ceremony."
An image of nine University of Florida College of Medicine physician assistant students smiling and posing for a group photo on a staircase while wearing their new white coats. Six students are standing at the bottom of the stairs, and three students are standing on the step above them. The left side of the staircase is covered in orange, blue and white balloons.
Medical students in their new white coats smile together.
Medical students receive their white coats and celebrate with loved ones
A student embraces a faculty member at the white coat ceremony.
Students from the UF School of Physician Assistant Studies class of 2020 mark a milestone in their education at the annual White Coat Ceremony June 7.
Medical student wearing a white coat poses for a photo with a loved one in front of the Phillips Center fountain
Taylor Rouviere on stage wearing white coat
Student and family posing for photo after white coat ceremony