A student stands next to her art piece that shows colorful images of computerized slices of a human brain as she talks with two people facing her in the foreground
two researchers in white coats talk to each other in focus in the background, with a bench full of out-of-focus lab equipment in the foreground
Doctor Azra Bihorac talks with her colleagues in a patient room.
A blue graphic with circular photos of health care providers and researchers reads, "AI4Health conference, April 20-22, 2023."
A graphic showing patient stats popping up from an iPad being held by a physician.
A researcher in a lab talks to another researcher
Students sit at computers in a computer lab
A student wearing virtual reality glasses views a virtual model of a human body part
The MySurgeryRisk mobile app gives doctors detailed information on each complication (left) and risk predictions from the algorithm along with major factors leading to the prediction (right).
A researcher presents in front of a poster