A student stands next to her art piece that shows colorful images of computerized slices of a human brain as she talks with two people facing her in the foreground
University of Florida physician assistant student Samantha Golden presents a colorful glass art depiction of the human brain to her anatomy professors.
Two students greet each other with excitement.
collage of student and faculty leaders throughout the history of the University of Florida, with a blue overlay. Text in the corner says :U-F celebrats Black History Month."
group of students stand together at the Gators Got Talent show in 2023
award medal graphic
Eric Rosenthal stands at a lecturn, looking at the audience and speaking. His right arm is pointed toward the audience.
Joseph Fantone, Jin Choi and River Grace stand in front of a keyboard in the Maren Reading Room
UF faculty explains the inner-workings of the human heart.
A digital graphic with pictures of four female UF College of Medicine faculty and text that says, 'Giving Thanks to our Mentors'