Book on a desk in front of a bookshelf
Juan Pablo Santana, Nicole Diaz and Hassan Perera pose dressed in scrubs at a University of Florida Family Medicine clinic.
An image of two graduating students holding a sign that says '#GatorPA'
A man in graduation regalia leans in to hug a loved one who is holding flowers for him after attending the medical student commencement ceremony.
Six faculty members of the University of Florida College of Medicine medical physics program stand in a line and smile outside a building on campus.
A digital graphic with a light blue background, darker blue rays fanning out from the top left corner and six hands in purple, blue and green colors forming a heart around the words, "Asian Pacific Islander Desi Month."
award medal graphic
An image of nine University of Florida College of Medicine physician assistant students smiling and posing for a group photo on a staircase while wearing their new white coats. Six students are standing at the bottom of the stairs, and three students are standing on the step above them. The left side of the staircase is covered in orange, blue and white balloons.
Eight student officers pose in a line outside of the University of Florida Equal Acccess Clinic's Eastside location.
A woman dressed in graduation regalia holds a sign that reads #GatorPhD and smiles next to her mother.