Artist's rendering of a blue mobile stroke unit ambluance, which has the blue and orange University of Florida Health brand colors and reads "Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit" on the side. It also has a large outline of a human brain on the side.
Two doctors in an office pointing at a computer screen
Doctor Azra Bihorac talks with her colleagues in a patient room.
A blue graphic with circular photos of health care providers and researchers reads, "AI4Health conference, April 20-22, 2023."
graphic of a postcard that reads 'love letter' and features wedding and graduation photos of Stacy and Casey Beal, Sara Connolly and Paul Gallogly, Julia Close and Peter Gallogly, and Shireen Madani and Steven Sims
A digital graphic with photos of 10 faculty and staff members of the University of Florida College of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and orange and white text in the center against a blue background that says, "UF College of Medicine Psychiatry."
Two surgeons perform an operation.
Four University of Florida College of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery doctors stand together in front of a blue UF Health sign while wearing their white physician coats.