Rachel Matthews, Maryam Aminzadeh, Elida Benitez, Jana Reid, Kim Algarra, Michael Maymi and Brittany Venegas.
The entire class of 2021 poses for a photo in graduation regalia.
A graduate does a Gator chomp as a faculty member places her hood over her shoulders - image with blue filter overlay
Seven pillars
A blue graphic that reads, "You are invited to attend the annual Celebration of Diversity Week April 5-10."
Samuel Overly, a U-F Health trauma nurse, receives a covid-19 vaccination
A grid collage, from left to right: Dru Curtis, Diana Aragon, Lucie Moore, Jayden Curry and Adam Bria.
WCBL Header
A graphic that reads, "A quick guide to U-F's multi-factor authentication process. Enroll now: it.ufl.edu/2fa"
Rachel Printy, Alexandra Kayat and Courtney Titus