A digital graphic with a bright blue background and a white human head and hand holding up a dark blue mask.
ELEVATE logo with a blue graphic showing arrows pointing up.
Heather Vincent, PhD, standing in front of miscellaneous research equipment
An image of retinas stained purple and pink against a white background.
Graduate students from the University of Florida College of Medicine posing for a group photo on an indoor staircase after winning awards and funding at the 2023 Medical Guild Research Symposium in the Harrell Medical Education Building. Members of the medical guild stand with them, smiling.
Mark Atkinson presents in a conference room.
Ten adults seated in rolling chairs and long wooden desks observing a projector presentation from a man standing in the center of a white room.
Medical students receive their white coats and celebrate with loved ones
A group of over 25 people affiliated with UF Health in front of a historic two story brick building in Gainesville, Florida.
18 department faculty members stand on the steps outside of the Academic Research Building for a group photo.