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Portraits of Doctors Josepha Cheong and Leon Haley.
Emily Pregmon, Sean Livingston, Michaela O'Driscoll and Alejandra Osorio preparing children's books for delivery to various outpatient peds clinics.
Holmström at the Chicago Marathon in 2015.
A grid collage, from left to right: Dru Curtis, Diana Aragon, Lucie Moore, Jayden Curry and Adam Bria.
Dietmar Rabich / Wikimedia Commons / “Münster, Park Sentmaring -- 2015 -- 9923” / CC BY-SA 4.0
A man with glasses and a Florida Gators shirt smiles.
From left to right, headshots of: Amanda Maxey, David Feller, Alicia Mohr and Rolf Renne
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A woman smiles inside of a medical office.