Project SEARCH provides opportunities to neurodivergent young adults in Alachua County

Eight interns gain job skills, independence and confidence at UF Health

By Danielle Ivanov
Two men standing in a hospital. One on the left is wearing a black shirt and khaki pants, and one on the right is wearing a light blue shirt and khaki pants. Mathias Misener, right, and his mentor, Brad Underwood, left. Photo courtesy of Barbara Misener.
A mother in a purple dress and her son in a black suit and a red bow tie posing for a photo in front of a palm tree. Mathias Misener, left, and his mother, Barbara Misener, right, at a Special Olympics gala. Photo courtesy of Barbara Misener.
A family of five taking a group photo outside with three women in gowns and two men in suits. The Williams family, with Project SEARCH intern John Williams, back left. Photo courtesy of Melissa Williams.
A UF Health intern in a blue shirt and black pants riding the bus to work. John Williams riding the bus to his Project SEARCH internship at UF Health. Photo courtesy of Melissa Williams.

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