PA Week 2023: Q&A with UF physician assistant students

Members of the UF PA classes of 2024 and 2025 share their experiences

By: Emily Mavrakis, Danielle Ivanov

Where did you complete your undergraduate studies, and what did you study?

Bevin Amezcua portrait Bevin Amezcua

What inspired you to pursue a career in health care?

Jared Boyette portrait Jared Boyette

How did you discover the PA field and know it was the right fit for you?

Emily Rumisek portrait Emily Rumisek

How has your time in the UF PA program been so far?

Bevin Amezcua stands next to the sign for the Randolph B. Mahoney School of Physician Assistant Studies. Bevin Amezcua
Emily Rumisek portrait Emily Rumisek

What does being a Gator PA mean to you?

What do you want people to know during National PA Week?