‘Be impactful and be seen’

UF School of Physician Assistant Studies graduates 59 new PAs during June 17 ceremony

By Emily Mavrakis
Video by Kyle Walker and Danielle Ivanov

PA class of 2023 student awards

Outstanding Academic Year Student

Outstanding Clinical Year Student

Steven Kraft, M.D., and Randy Kraft Award

Mary Dailey Award

Pi Alpha honor society inductees

  • Emilio Asgeirsson

  • Tessa Blood

  • Claire Brown

  • Virginia Flores

  • Liana Jawad

  • Meredith Navejar

  • Max Poole

  • Jonathan Pruitt

  • Jensen Thompson

School of PA Studies Service Learning Award recipients

  • Adam Buck

  • Haley Girard

  • Brooke Johnson

  • Abigail Montgomery

  • Brooke Schroeder

  • Jason Sharkey

  • Ann Marie Slagle

PA class of 2023 faculty awards

Outstanding Academic Year Instructor

Outstanding Clinical Year Instructor

PA class of 2023 commencement in photos