Hippocratic Award winner, new statue unveiled at ceremony

The M.D. class of 2023 recognizes Dr. Shelley Collins as an exemplary educator

By: Emily Mavrakis
Shelley Collins leans against a wooden post at the Wilmot Botanical Gardens, with the 2023 Hippocratic Award plaque in her hands. Shelley Collins, M.D., is the recipient of the 2023 UF Hippocratic Award. Photo by Jesse S. Jones

Father of medicine

Closeup of a bronze bust of Hippocrates, which sits atop a marble base. The base reads Hippocrates, father of medicine, 460-377 B-C. Photo by Jesse S. Jones

Role model for future physicians

‘A phenomenal clinician, adviser, cheerleader’

“From every interaction I’ve had with her, I’ve left it feeling welcomed, engaged, uplifted and grateful that I had a chance to talk with her.”
“She is a phenomenal clinician, adviser and cheerleader for us medical students while applying to residency programs … she has been instrumental in both my personal growth and my growth as a medical student.”
“She makes herself available to us at all times with her open-door policy, encouraging us to come to her for any issues that arise.”
“She has always advocated for us, even when it does not benefit her to do so.”
“You have effortlessly exemplified how to truly be a student advocate and a fierce woman in leadership.”