Breaking down barriers to improve accessibility

Michigan’s Dr. Oluwaferanmi Okanlami discusses accessibility in health care

By: Emily Mavrakis

Takeaways: How to increase accessibility in health care

  1. Acknowledge areas where access can be increased.

    Can this building be accessed via a ramp? Can you verbally describe a slideshow presentation image to a viewer who may not be able to see it? Consider the ways access may be limited for some people, then strive to make or suggest changes on how to improve accessibility.

  2. Find resources in your area.

    Become familiar with nonprofits and other organizations in your area dedicated to increasing equity among community members. If a patient expresses an interest in connecting with such a group, you will be able to provide them with informed guidance and suggestions.

  3. Talk with patients about adaptive sports.

    Every person, regardless of their body, can benefit from physical activity. By talking with patients who may not realize the option of playing sports is available to them about ways they can establish or maintain an active lifestyle, physicians can help their patients break down barriers to accessibility.