Celebrating Thank a Resident Day

To recognize Thank a Resident Day Feb. 24, college serves meals, collects messages of gratitude for housestaff

By Styliana Resvanis
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Gabrielle and Michael Massari smile for a selfie while standing by a lake. Gabrielle Massari and her husband, urology resident Michael Massari, M.D.
“(I would like to thank) all of them, especially my husband. Residents are the backbone of the hospital!”
— Gabrielle Massari
about her husband, Michael Massari, M.D., a third-year urology resident
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“(I would like to thank UF residents) for being the best physicians in Florida.”
— Juan Pablo Perez
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Walker Ueland wears a UF Health lab coat. Surgery resident Walker Ueland, M.D., M.B.A.
“(I would like to thank) Dr. Walker Ueland. Every time he rotates through burn surg, it makes life so much easier!”
— Josef Mohammed Ali
about Walker Ueland, M.D., M.B.A., a second-year surgery resident
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“I would like to thank all residents for their hard work and dedication!”
— Arianna Robinson
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Rachel Moor Neurosurgery resident Rachel Moor, M.D.
“(I would like to thank) Dr. Rachel Moor, she has provided fantastic research mentorship in neurosurgery!”
— Jack Figg
Rachel Moor, M.D., a third-year neurosurgery resident
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