From white coats to wedding bells

Alumni and faculty sweethearts who met at the College of Medicine share their stories

By Emily Mavrakis

Stacy and Casey Beal, M.D. ’09

on the left: casey and stacy beal ride a kid train with their two young daughters. On the right, Stacy and Casey Beal pose smiling at the camera on their wedding day Left: Casey and Stacy Beal, M.D. '09, ride a train with their two young daughters. Right: The Beals at their wedding in 2012.

Shireen Madani and Steven M. Sims, M.D. ’01

collage of family photos that show Shireen Madani and Steven Sims during medical school, posing with Smiley Hill and with their children in Paris Top left: Shireen Madani, M.D. '01, and Steven Sims, M.D. '01, with their family in Paris. Top right: Madani and Sims with Smiley Hill, the former College of Medicine associate dean for student affairs. Bottom left: Madani and Sims in their white coats as medical students. Bottom right: Madani and Sims at medical school graduation.

Julia Close and Peter M. Gallogly, M.D. ’01

On left: Close and her husband, Peter Gallogly, pose for the cover of the university’s alumni magazine, wearing wedding attire and white coats. On right: Close and Gallogly with their three sons. Left: A recently engaged Julia Close and Peter Gallogly, M.D. '01, pose for the cover of the university’s alumni magazine. Right: Close and Gallogly vacation with their family in Iceland.

Paul M. Gallogly, M.D. ’98, and Sara Connolly, M.D. ’02

Collage of photos that show Paul Gallogly and Sara Connolly on their wedding day, with their two children at a gator statue, riding horses and in front of the star wars galactic starcruiser sign at Disney Top left: Sara Connolly, M.D. '02, and Paul Gallogly, M.D. '98, ride horses with their children. Top right: Connolly and Gallogly on their wedding day in 2004. Bottom left: The family at the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser resort at Disney. Bottom right: The family poses with the Bull Gator on the UF campus.