A grandparent’s legacy

Drs. Al L. Rhoton Jr. and George T. Harrell Jr. left lasting impacts on the College of Medicine, their families

By: Emma Behrmann, Emily Mavrakis
Headshot of a man in black and white George T. Harrell, Jr., M.D.

George T. Harrell Jr., M.D.

Family photo with four people Heather Harrell, M.D. ’95, and Grant Harrell, M.D. ’10, with their grandfather George T. Harrell Jr., M.D., and grandmother.

Albert L. Rhoton Jr., M.D.

black and white photograph of a man in a suit with brain scan images behind him Albert L. Rhoton Jr., M.D.
Two men stand in white coats Alex Vlasak, M.D. ’19, with his grandfather Albert L. Rhoton, M.D., at Vlasak’s white coat ceremony.