‘An unwavering commitment as patient advocates’

UF School of PA Studies graduates 58 students at June 18 ceremony

By: Emily Mavrakis

PA class of 2022 student awards

  • Outstanding Academic Year Student: Elizabeth McMahon, MPAS

  • Outstanding Clinical Year Student: Stacey Barrett, MPAS

  • Steven Kraft, M.D., and Randy Kraft Award: Stephen Senderoff, MPAS

  • Pi Alpha National Honor Society inductees: Lauren Culbreth, MPAS; Hannah Fahsbender, MPAS; Marissa Jennings, MPAS; Valarie Lenzer, MPAS; Elizabeth McMahon, MPAS; Sarah Scruby, MPAS; Stephen Senderoff

PA class of 2022 faculty awards

  • Outstanding academic year instructor: Breann Garbas, DHSc, MPAS, PA-C

  • Outstanding clinical year instructor: Petar Breitinger, MPAS, PA-C

  • Special recognition for 25 years of service to the School of PA Studies: Frank Genuardi, M.D., M.P.H.

  • Pi Alpha National Honor Society inductees: Melissa Turley, Pharm.D., MPAS, PA-C; Travis Grant, M.S., PA-C