A seat at the table

Celebration of Diversity Week promoted diversity, equity and inclusion in medicine with virtual panels, talks

By: Tyler Francischine
A grid of eight portraits of masked faces of all colors Photos by Giuliano De Portu, M.D.
Akeem Bartley Akeem Bartley
A Black man in a suit smiles Reuben Brigety II, Ph.D., vice chancellor and president of The University of the South and son of Reuben Brigety, M.D., one of the first African American graduates of the UF College of Medicine
A woman stands with a statue of a University of Florida Gator. Yolanda Hendley, M.D. ’05, MSc., FACC, director of the cardiac catheterization laboratory and director of echocardiography at Partners in Cardiovascular Health in Wilmington, Delaware

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