Never too late to make a change

Interventional cardiologist Yolanda Hendley, M.D. ’05, helps her patients find a fresh start

By: Tyler Francischine
A headshot of a woman Yolanda Hendley, M.D. '05
A woman stands in a surigcal cap and a medical white coat. Hendley is passionate about increasing the number of Black cardiologists in practice, which she notes could help reduce disparities in health outcomes for Black Americans. “An Increase in African American representation in the field of cardiology is very necessary," Hendley says. "While African Americans make up 13% of the population, fewer than 3% of cardiologists are African American. One study out of Oakland suggests that Black doctors could reduce the Black-white male gap in cardiovascular mortality by 19%."
A woman poses in full surgical PPE. Yolanda Hendley, M.D. '05