Learning high stakes trauma care in a low risk environment

The UF Center for Experiential Learning and Simulation is first in country to acquire a female trauma simulator

By Tyler Francischine
The female trauma simulator, affectionately named “007,” is the newest addition to the UF Center for Experiential Learning and Simulation’s arsenal of high-fidelity human patient simulators.
Simulator 007 is completely anatomically accurate, a first for a female trauma simulator. Photo by Louis Brems

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“Over the last 25 years of using high-fidelity simulators, we’ve learned that training with simulators and using advanced experiential learning techniques enable our health care providers to react in an almost instinctive, professional and
Lou Oberndorf, CEO and chair of Operative Experience Inc.
Wound Working with 007's wounds teaches students, residents and staff how to properly care for female patients who have experienced blunt trauma. Photo by Louis Brems