‘Never-ending curiosity’

Author, medical director and biotechnology adviser Felicia Baxter, M.D. ’97, pursues her professional passions

By Tyler Francischine
This image shows the cover of the book "Not My Family: When Ties Should Not Bind Fiction" by Felicia Baxter, M-D. It features the illustration of a woman with purple hair adorned with gold designs. "Not My Family" is the fictionalized re-telling of events from Baxter's own life and family history.
A woman stands and looks off to her left at the UF College of Medicine. Copies of her book are displayed on a table in the foreground of the image. Dr. Felicia Baxter fondly recalls being mentored by pediatric endocrinologist Janet Silverstein, M.D., at the UF College of Medicine. Photo by Jesse S. Jones