College launches graduate certificate in biomedical informatics

Bill Hogan, M.D., M.S. Photo by Jesse S. Jones

Bill Hogan, M.D., M.S. Photo by Jesse S. Jones

After joining the College of Medicine in 2014 as part of UF’s preeminence initiative, Bill Hogan, M.D., M.S., has designed and launched a new graduate certificate in biomedical informatics. Hogan, a professor of health outcomes and policy and the director of the biomedical informatics program at the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute, designed the interdisciplinary program in less than a year.

“I am excited that we were able to put together a rigorous program, drawing on existing strengths at the University of Florida, that will equip students to contribute to the field of biomedical informatics as well as to be more effective information managers in their careers,” Hogan said. “When I was hired, I was tasked with building a much-needed educational program in this field, and we have created a certificate that will serve the needs of not only graduate students in health outcomes and policy but faculty, staff and students across the University of Florida.”

The growing field of biomedical informatics is situated at the intersection of health care, computer science and statistics and seeks to translate scientific discoveries into clinical practice. Currently, the number of job positions in the field of biomedical informatics outstrips the amount of qualified professionals.

The 15-credit, on-campus program, housed in the department of health outcomes and policy, will enroll its first students in fall 2015. The application deadline for the graduate certificate in biomedical informatics is Friday, May 29 for U.S. applicants and Friday, May 1 for international candidates. Learn more about the certificate.