Students recognized for ‘humanism’ inducted into honor society

The UF College of Medicine Chapman Society, which is a chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, was named in 2003 for Jules B. Chapman, MD, for his demonstrated compassion and humanism as a regimental surgeon in World War II and the Korean War.

Now, upcoming physicians are inducted into the society on the basis of peer surveys. The surveys ask students to evaluate fellow classmates in terms of clinical competence, compassion and community service, while specifically asking the following: Who would you want by your side in an emergency; and who would you like to have as your own doctor or the doctor caring for a family member?

A selection committee composed of senior faculty members and administrators reviewed the results and recently announced the 23 inducted fourth-year medical students.

“In essence, the Chapman Society is the ‘professionalism and humanism’ honor society as opposed to the academic honor society, or the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society,” said Patrick Duff, MD, professor of obstetrics and gynecology and associate dean for student affairs.

Medical student Marcos Mills took pride in being selected as a new member, not because of the small number of students inducted, but for the nature of the recognition.

“I have always considered the core values of the society, namely excellence in clinical care, leadership, compassion, humanism and dedication to service, as the cornerstones of my education and practice,” Mills said. “It feels very rewarding to have these efforts recognized.”

The following students were inducted Sept. 30:

  • Dan Alexis
  • Hamideh Asghari
  • John Busigin
  • Blake Butterworth
  • Danielle Cobb
  • Rachel Cohen-Shohet
  • Tahnie Danastor
  • Samuel Dickmann
  • Amy Driebe
  • Christina Escobar
  • Lauren Foster
  • Denise Frohlich
  • Philip Gilbo
  • Shawen Ilaria
  • Anna Kowalczyk
  • James Medley
  • Marcos Mills
  • Kathryn Mince
  • Jonathan Mizrahi
  • Mayur Mody
  • Mary Kate Reischmann
  • Miaoyuan Wang
  • Peter Zavitsanos