Supporting a tobacco-free health care environment

As of July 1, UF&Shands employees prohibited from tobacco use on property due to Tobacco-Free Together program

On July 1, UF&Shands re-launched its Tobacco-Free Together efforts. UF&Shands leaders thank employees who have made an effort to break the habit and support others who have quit.

“Our Tobacco-Free Together initiative is an important part of our overall quality goals,” said Randy Harmatz, M.B.A., UF&Shands chief quality officer. “This initiative helps us improve the patient experience, one of our Big Aims at UF&Shands.”

Based on employee feedback, UF&Shands identified places where smokers tend to gather. Leaders would like employees to remember that it is everyone’s responsibility to enforce employment policies that prohibit the use of tobacco on UF&Shands’ property by anyone employed by UF or Shands.

Since July 1, several employees have signed up for smoking-cessation classes. Please use these resources to help smokers quit using tobacco:

  • Tobacco-Free Together Resource Cards (Employees can also talk to their managers for more information.)

UF&Shands is now going to re-introduce the Tobacco-Free Together guidelines among its patients and visitors. Resources will be provided to help employees work with these patients and customers to reduce the use of tobacco and to help keep UF&Shands’ health care properties clean, safe, welcoming and healthy.