Efforts step up to ensure a tobacco-free health care environment

In 2009, UF&Shands launched the Tobacco-Free Together program to create a clean, safe, welcoming and healthy environment for patients and visitors and for its faculty, staff, residents, students, volunteers and vendors and other customers. As a result, no smoking or tobacco use is permitted anywhere on UF Health Science Center or Shands-owned or -operated properties.

UF&Shands is now taking the next step to enforce tobacco-free behaviors among its workforce.

As of July 1, UF&Shands has stepped up efforts to enforce its employment policies that prohibit the use of tobacco on property by anyone employed by UF or Shands.

Security personnel and leaders have begun to approach staff on campus. Faculty, employees, residents, volunteers and vendors found smoking or using tobacco on our property will be reminded that smoking and tobacco use is prohibited. They will be asked to extinguish their tobacco or move off property immediately. Staff and volunteers will be asked for their name and ID badge number. This information will be reported to the relevant Employee Relations office and the individual’s immediate supervisor.

For specific details, please reference Shands HR Policy 119/ Tobacco-Free Environment or the UF tobacco-free policy statement in the UF employee and student handbooks.

  • Resources are available to help smokers quit smoking if he or she is interested. Please visit https://intranet.tobaccofree.ahc.ufl.edu or call Shands Occupational Health (265-0250) or the UF Student Health Care Center (392-1161).
  • The policies and work rules related to this guideline are on the Tobacco-Free Together SharePoint site https://intranet.tobaccofree.ahc.ufl.edu. Employees can also talk to their managers for more information.

Enforcement is being carried out around campus, especially at Shands at UF and places where smokers tend to gather:

  • The steps and grassy area by the bus stop at the Shands at UF east entrance (near the Pediatric ER and Newell Drive)
  • The Garden of Hope next to Shands Cancer Hospital
  • The south campus streets, sidewalks and grassy areas, including those between the Shands Cancer Hospital and the Rush Lake Motel
  • The grassy area behind the 1329 Building (on Southwest 16th Avenue)

Taking more formal steps to enforce employment-based tobacco-free campus policies with staff is the next critical step to ensure UF&Shands is Tobacco-Free Together.

Emails went out to all UF&Shands staff in June. UF&Shands appreciates everyone’s support and help keeping its health care property clean, safe, welcoming and healthy.