Four years later: Keya Locke’s triumphs and failures have enriched her experience

Keya Locke has a busy schedule as a fourth-year student at the UF College of Medicine. But she makes time to help her children with their homework and coach her daughter’s volleyball team. 

Even though Locke describes her experience in medical school as “an emotional roller coaster,” she makes juggling medical school and raising three young children look effortless.

Despite her busy schedule, Keya Locke, a fourth-year student at the UF College of Medicine, finds time to spend with her family. Pictured are (left to right): Keya's son, Zachary; Keya's daughters, Hafizah and Sairah; and her husband, Daniel Locke. Photo by Jesse S. Jones

Since her first day of medical school four years ago, Locke has faced financial trouble and doubted her performance in her roles as mother, student, employee and coach.

“This journey has taught me that to know yourself, is more than half the battle,” Locke said. “My medical knowledge, triumphs and failures do not define me, but simply, enrich me.”

As the end of the four-year journey nears, she credits those who stood by her.

“Through God’s mercy and the strength and the love of a family like no other, I am here,” she said. “And it is exactly where I belong.” 

Watch how Locke balances her passion for medicine with motherhood.