MEDSTOCK rocked!

MEDSTOCK, the event medical students, residents and music lovers look forward to every year was a huge success.

On Friday, Nov. 12, College of Medicine student bands including Groove Essentials Vol. 2.0, Digital Gangrene, Andrew and the Darganauts and The Nocturnal Squirrels sold more than 350 tickets to the show held at Rum Runners in support of the UF international health outreach trips.

The event raised $2,200, hundreds more than last year.

“All four bands sounded amazing, and we have a great set of first and second-year bands to take over the concert for years to come, said Justin Hewlett, third-year medical student who organized the event.

MEDSTOCK, now in its sixth year, was started by Dr. Matthew Willey, a graduate of the class of 2008 . Willey met classmates during his second year of medical school in 2005 who were of his same breed – medical students during the day and local rock stars at night. After he realized there was a strong need to fund college medical mission trips, Willey said he put “two and two together” and MEDSTOCK was born.

“We’re all looking forward to next year,” said Hewlett.