First-year med students receive unexpected surprise

Organized by the Office of Medical Alumni Affairs, the UF’s College of Medicine class of 2014 received their own personal stethoscopes Monday August 16. Photo by Priscilla Santos

After one week of not knowing what to expect during orientation, the new first-year medical students at UF’s College of Medicine received another unexpected surprise Monday, August 16 — their own personal stethoscopes.

The stethoscope presentation was organized by the Office of Medical Alumni affairs and the stethoscopes were sponsored by an anonymous donor. Chrissy Wemmer, the new director of alumni affairs was excited about witnessing the presentation for the first time. “It was also very exciting that, through an anonymous donor, our office could provide a critical diagnostic tool to our future physicians to help them listen to their patients,” Wemmer said.

Dr. Joseph C. Fantone, senior associate dean for educational affairs, hands new first-year student Danielle McLaughlin her stethoscope during the first day of class. Photo by Priscilla Santos

The donor dedicated the gift in memory of a loved one who’s favorite quote was included on a card and presented to the students. The sentiment of the card, which read “listen to your patient”, was punctuated by comments from Michael L. Good, M.D., dean of the college.

“Listening is perhaps the greatest diagnostic skill of a physician,” he said.”

Before presenting the stethoscopes to the class of 2014, Dr. Emily Tanzler, a 2009 COM graduate currently completing her residency at Shands at UF in radiation oncology, shared a little about what to expect during the next four years of medical school and beyond.

“Medicine is the science and art of healing,” Tanzler said. “Your first four years of medical school you will learn about the science and the rest of your careers you will perfect the art.”

The College of Medicine proudly welcomed 136 students last week. They represent more than 2,646 applicants from across the United States.