The New 'Team' in Town

Monday marked the first day of a four-year season for the 136 incoming class of the College of Medicine.

The first day of orientation for students from the class of 2014 was a busy one that began with warm welcomes from College of Medicine Dean Michael L. Good, M.D., and Joseph C. Fantone M.D., senior associate dean for educational affairs and Maureen Novak, M.D., associate dean for medical education.

The day continued with necessary activities to help the students adjust to the unfamiliar environment.

“We were given so much information today, it’s crazy,” said Jelisa Timmons. “I feel ready now to start classes after all that.”

The students’ first day as medical students ended with dean’s reception at the UF President’s House. It was an opportunity for each student to shake hands with the dean and meet faculty and staff that will play a major role in their next four years.

“Welcome to the team,” Good said during the reception. “You are now part of the medical team at the College of Medicine. It’s a great family.”

The class of 2014 makes silly poses before their official group picture during orientation Monday, Aug. 9. Photo by Maria Belen Farias

Michael L. Good, M.D., dean of the College of Medicine, greets first-year medical student Charles Powers (center) and his wife, Diana, at the dean's reception held at the UF President's House Tuesday. Photo by Priscilla Santos

Joseph C. Fantone, M.D., senior associate dean for educational affairs, spends time with new students at the dean's reception. Photo by Priscilla Santos

Michael L. Good, M.D., dean of the College of Medicine, and his wife, Danette, get to know the new medical students. Photo by Priscilla Santos

During the third day of orientation, new students hear from Nancy Hardt, M.D., senior associate dean for external affairs, about health-care disparities in Gainesville. Students had the opportunity to visit UF's Mobile Clinic bus, which was parked outside of the Communicore Building for the day. Photo by Priscilla Santos