College names new director for research program

Gregory Schultz, Ph.D.

Gregory Schultz, Ph.D.

After 20 years as a University of Florida researcher, Gregory Schultz, Ph.D., has been named to replace Colin Sumners, Ph.D., as director of the college’s Medical Sciences Research Program.

In his new role, Schultz will be in charge of the administration of the college’s research track, will control the program’s funding and will select students who are eligible for graduation with honors.

Schultz, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology and director of the Institute for Wound Research, earned his doctorate from Oklahoma State University in biochemistry and completed three years of postdoctoral research at Yale University.

At UF, he has served on the College of Medicine admissions committee for six years and has been the president and secretary of the faculty council. His research involves the molecular regulation of wound healing, and he encourages medical students to seek research opportunities at UF through the Medical Sciences Research Program.

“Medical students who actually get engaged in research projects have a better understanding of the process of discovery that occurs in both the clinic and the lab,” he said. “Participating in research firsthand helps us train medical students to become better physicians.”

Once students gain a clear idea of their specialty, the program matches them with a professor or faculty member who has either participated in research before or who has similar goals and areas of interest as the student.

Schultz said he does not plan to make many changes, as the program was successful under Sumners. He hopes to improve the research rotations for third-year students and maintain the momentum of grant funds from groups such as the American Heart Association.

“I hope to get students involved in a meaningful research experience,” Schultz said. “Participating in the research program will give medical students a competitive advantage on residency applications.”