New COM blog showcases humanity in medicine

They’re out there, donating food and volunteering their time, working extra hours and helping those in need. Gators are getting caught in the act all over campus. Caught in the act of kindness, that is.

Gators Caught in the Act, a blog started as a collaborative effort between the Chapman Chapter of the Gold Humanism Society and Nancy Hardt, M.D.’s Random acts of Kindness campaign, showcases the ways UF students, faculty members and organizations are bringing some welcome humanity to the medical profession.

“The purpose of it is to bring some good publicity to everything our Gators do,” says Hardt, the College of Medicine’s senior associate dean for external affairs.

Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig, director of the College of Medicine’s medical humanities program added that “although the Chapman society recognizes humanistic students, it also recognizes that there are many, many humanistic people and many acts of kindness that aren’t adequately recognized. The goal for the Chapman society this year was to recognize humanism in others.”

Lindsay Malloch, a fourth-year medical student, started the blog last November when she served as president of the Chapman Society. Members of the society will continue to manage the site where a number of charitable acts are already featured. Anyone can submit a story about a person or group that deserves recognition. Posts can also be made anonymously.

“I want it to be a place where, eventually, we all have a posting,” Hardt says. “I believe we are all doing these acts. Now, it’s just putting them all up there for the world to see.”

So if you know a Gator who goes the extra mile to help others, visit Gators Caught in the Act and speak up.