UF's first-year medical students receive a gift from alumni

First year medical student Kari Mader said receiving a brand new stethoscope was a hit of reality.

Photo by Sarah Kiewel

Dr. Rosi Fortunato, member of the COM alumni board of directors presents first-year medical student Kami Nozile with a stethoscope as a gift from UF medical class of 1988 and the COM Office of Medical Alumni affairs. Photo by Sarah Kiewel

“I realized I’m actually in medical school and starting the road toward becoming a doctor,” she said.

After one week of not knowing what to expect during orientation, the new first-year medical students at the University of Florida College of Medicine received another unexpected surprise Monday, August 18—their own personal stethoscopes.

The stethoscope presentation was sponsored by the UF medical class of 1988 and the COM Office of Medical Alumni affairs.

“They were all so excited and surprised,” said Katie Boudreau, director of Medical Alumni Affairs at the COM. “It was great to see their reactions.”

Before presenting the stethoscopes to the class of 2012, Dr. Rosi Fortunato, a 1983 graduate and member of the alumni board of directors for the COM, shared a little about what to expect during the first days of medical school and the importance of being an alumnus who gives back to the College of Medicine.

The College of Medicine proudly welcomed 135 students this week. The represent more than 2,800 applicants. The class of 2012 includes 70 males and 65 females from across the United States.