Neurosurgery holds its first alumni reunion

The annual neurosurgery graduation banquet, held June 21, honored their graduating residents. From left, Amy Murad, Greg Murad, John Reavy-Cantwell, Jordana Reavey-Cantwell

The annual neurosurgery graduation banquet, held June 21, honored graduating residents Drs. Greg Murad and John Reavy-Cantwell. From left are Amy and Greg Murad and John and Jordana Reavy-Cantwell.

More than 28 College of Medicine-trained neurosurgeons gathered for the first Neurosurgery Alumni Reunion event held June 20 and 21. The former residents attended the annual Neurosurgery Graduation banquet to congratulate new graduating residents, Dr. Greg Murad and Dr. John Reavy-Cantwell.

“As our department now has 73 living alumni, with two deceased, there has been a growing interest in formalizing an alumni association,” said Dr. Richard Lister, associate chairman and residency program director for the department of neurosurgery.

The weekend events began with a Friday evening welcoming reception at the home of Dr. William Friedman, professor and chairman of neurosurgery as well as a former resident in the department. Saturday morning a Continuing Medical Education seminar was held at the UF McKnight Brain Institute, where the current state of the department and some of its future research activities were presented for the alumni.

“This is the first year of such an attempt, and we viewed it as a big success,” Lister said. “We had alumni who flew in from as far as Texas and California. We plan to hold this combined event on an annual basis.”

The Department honored its first resident graduate, Dr. Joe Cauthen, from the class of 1967, and also recognized the “honor classes” of the residency at 10-year intervals.

The weekend events culminated with Saturday night’s graduation banquet, which was held at Emerson Alumni Hall and entertainment provided by the Marty Liquori Jazz Quartet. Current faculty, residents, alumni, family and friends joined in the celebration to welcome Dr. Murad and Dr. Reavy-Cantwell to the ranks of UF Neurosurgery alumni.