Spotlighting the Housestaff Class of 2008

Photo by Priscilla Santos

Photo by Priscilla Santos

With just two weeks into her fellowship in the department of pediatrics, specializing in neonatal-perinatal medicine, Dr. Rachel Garner, 29, couldn’t be happier with the career path she chose.

Garner completed her pediatric residency at the College of Medicine in June and has stayed on for the specialized fellowship. She said it’s during those days when a young baby born at just 23 weeks is sent home with his parents that she realizes she would rather be doing nothing else.

“It’s amazing to think that just a few decades ago, President Kennedy’s premature baby did not survive, and today we can save babies born even earlier,” Garner said. “We’ve had so many major advances.”

Although the first three months of her fellowship will focus more on research, Garner knows the significance of being well rounded in both patient care and research.

“It’s important to take care of patients, but doing the research and understanding things thoroughly is essential,” Garner said.

Raised in California, Garner appreciates warm weather. After attending the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University in New York, she was ready to continue her medical career in a warmer climate.

“And, of course, Florida was a great choice – for many reasons,” she said.