UF Orthopaedic geneticist joins editorial board of prominent journal

Steven C. Ghivizzani, Ph.D., associate professor, research division in the departments of orthopaedics and rehabilitation and molecular genetics & microbiology, will hold a two-year term on the editorial board of the Journal of Gene Therapy. Ghivizzani and his colleagues, Elvire Gouze, Ph.D., and Jean-Noel Gouze, Ph.D., came to UF with two multi-year grants supported by the NIH. Their research centers on the use of gene therapy for the treatment of arthritis and musculoskeletal disease and the use of genetically modified stem cells in tissue repair. Since arriving, Ghivizzani has been awarded another grant to evaluate a treatment for osteoarthritis in horses that, if successful, may lead to a similar treatment for human joint disease. Ghivizzani is a co-recipient of the 2004 Nicholas Andry Award and the 2005 Kappa Delta Award, two of the most prestigious honors in orthopaedic research.