Students honor special donors with a tree in Wilmot Gardens

Every year first-year students hold a commemorative ceremony in appreciation of those who donated their bodies for the gross anatomy course. This year the class of 2012 went a little green to show their thanks.

First-year students planted a tree honoring their donors along with a recognition plaque in the Wilmot Gardens as their class gift on Saturday morning, May 3. The gardens, located just north of the Davis Cancer Pavillion at the corner of Gale Lemerand Drive and Mowery Road, is being restored by the College of Medicine into a beautiful, tranquil place for patients and Health Science Center faculty, staff and students.

“It is our hope that after the Wilmot Gardens revitalization is complete, students, faculty and patients will see our tree and understand its significance,” said first-year medical student Mike Boniface. “We want to remind others of the enormous sacrifice two dozen individuals made in hopes that even after life they would continue to help students grow into competent physicians.”

“Learning anatomy through cadavers was a profound and humbling experience for every member of the class of 2012,” he said.

First-year students, staff and faculty hope future classes continue the tradition in honoring and remembering the donors through tree planting at Wilmot Gardens.