Embarking on a journey together

A closer look at the UF College of Medicine class of 2021

By: Tyler Francischine
Medical students with stethoscopes First-year medical students test out their new stethoscopes, a gift made possible by the UF College of Medicine Alumni Affairs Stethoscope Fund. Photo by W. Charles Poulton

Class of 2021: By the numbers

Meet a few faces from the class of 2021

Tricia Sacks

Tricia Sacks

Akeem Bartley

Akeem Bartley Photo by Kyle Walker

Theo Jackson

Theo Jackson Photo by Kyle Walker

Cynthia Guerin

Cynthia Guerin Photo by Kyle Walker

Yoni Nutovits

Yoni Nutovits Photo by Kyle Walker

Shivani Hanchate

Shivani Hanchate Photo by Kyle Walker