Medicine grads honored as outstanding young alumni

Three medicine graduates named as outstanding young alumni during UF Alumni Association ceremony on April 7.

2017-04-07_Outtanding_Young_Alumni_Awards_Lunch-7076 Roshan Prabhu, M.D. ’08, and Krystal Tomei, M.D. '06

Roshan Prabhu, M.D. ’08, M.Sc.

RoshanPrabhu Roshan Prabhu, M.D. '08, M.Sc.

Patrick Tighe, M.D. ’05, M.S. '11

Patrick Tighe_MCM_1563 copy Patrick Tighe, M.D. '05, M.S. '11 Photo by Mindy C. Miller

Krystal Tomei, M.D. ’06, M.P.H.

Krystal Tomei, M.D., AMA talk Pediatric neurosurgeon Krystal Tomei, M.D. ’06, addresses the American Medical Association House of Delegates on medical education issues.